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Laminated doors look great, and can work with any decor scheme. However, the durability of standard laminated doors leaves much to be desired. They tend to chip, swell, and sometimes completely fall apart, like our competitor’s door below. We’ve tackled these shortcomings head on by protecting all four sides, and have created a door slab as tough as it is beautiful. Paired with our industry leading warranty, using Perimetect Doors on your next project is the obvious choice.



Most high-pressure laminate (HPL) is tough on its own… except at the edges. Bumps to the corners can chip the laminate or peel it away from the door, with minor damages growing overtime.

By protecting the entire perimeter of the door,
we preserve its integrity and appearance.

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Our Perimetect™ doors are available in almost any laminate color from any manufacturer with matching protective edges. For the very few laminate choices without matching edges, we can offer traditional laminated edges (on all four sides to assist with moisture control) or an accenting protectant edge.

We also offer custom configurations such as different laminate on each door face, along with preps to match your specified hardware or to fit existing door frames.


Two week lead time
& arrives ready to install

Some companies make you wait four… six… or even TEN WEEKS for your order to arrive. We understand the urgency of construction projects, and will ship your order in two weeks (pending laminate availability).

If purchased with our SplitGem™ premium aluminum split-jamb frames, our doors are hung with all hardware installed before shipping out to you.

This saves hours in the field, and allows the door to be installed straight from the crate.