Lean manufacturing is essentially doing more with less… Or in our case, doing more with the same amount.
It is a true embodiment of the phrase “work smarter, not harder”.

Broken down to the most basic concept, LEAN is primarily reduction of waste and improvement of processes to gain efficiencies - allowing us to produce better quality products in less time without increasing overhead. We do this for a number of reasons, including:

  • Shorter Lead Times

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Better Workplace Morale

  • A cleaner and safer work environment

    The thing about lean manufacturing and some of its tenets, such as 5S, is that it is NOT something you can learn and implement overnight. Not only can it be an overwhelming journey (ready to rearrange a shop full of equipment multiple times?!), but it requires completely participation from everyone involved - from executives to janitors as it is an ongoing, ever changing endeavor.

At CIM, we have invested thousands of dollars and hours into developing a true Lean Culture. Our shop and office teams come up with DAILY improvements, based on the simple question:

“what bugs you?”

We have reached this point after two years of consistent learning, mainly by trial and error.
We plan things, do them, check the results, and act based on those results, sometimes scrapping the whole thing and trying something new. One thing that has worked tremendously for our company is the addition of our weekly lean meeting.

Every week, we get our entire staff together. Every employee in the company sits down to discuss new ideas, learn new concepts, and review recently implemented changes. The discussion is followed by a catered lunch before returning to work. In our Lean Blog (coming soon) - we want to give you a look into these weekly meetings. We want to show our customers, partners, and even our competitors what helps us continue to grow and evolve… and that is the daily investment that we make in our people and our processes.

Our hope is to provide you all with some insight and motivation to streamline your processes and make your employee’s jobs easier - at the end of the day, it’s their insight and ideas that make the whole concept work.