Continuous Improvement – Doors & Frames

Continuous Improvement – Doors & Frames

At CIM we believe in continuous improvement and empowering our employees to make changes. We encourage changes to promote the well-being of our workplace, customers, and employees.

Problem: Employees noticed that door and frame parts were moving too far during production and that they were walking in circles to complete projects.

Solution: With a little guidance in lean concepts and U-shaped work cells from the management team, the employees were able to take this project and run with it. They were enabled to reorganize the area so that frame parts traveled very little during production. By moving the storage location of the doors, this also improved the door assembly to shipping experience. Doors are now being stored and assembled directly in front of the aisle that carries them to shipping. This also allowed us to create space in their area by condensing workstations that were spread out much more than needed and utilize the reclaimed space for a forklift aisle.

Improvements & Waste Elimination: This reorganization also helped reduce waste of movement and storage in our cabinet shop. We were able to eliminate the need for a forklift area in the cabinet area by moving it to the extra space we created in the door and frame assembly area. This freed up about 2000 sq ft between all these areas and lays their area out more efficiently.


The Perk of New Casework - The Clinics of North Texas

Great casework should be noticed for its striking functionality and impeccable good looks. Far from ordinary, The Clinics of North Texas was in need of a quick ordering process and timely delivery to remedy their casework damage received from a recent storm. Under the pressure of insurance timelines, CIM was able to provide sleek Euro style base and upper cabinets, as well as counter tops, from a personalized site survey and photos of the original casework layout. From start to finish, this three story building’s casework was completely revamped and installed by CIM in approximately 8 to 10 week. From site surveys through installation, CIM will be on the case[work] when you have an emergency that needs to be done right on your project’s timeline.